Successful Subrogation II: An Advanced Correspondence Course for Restoration Contractors

Successful Subrogation II is an advanced correspondence course designed for restoration contractors. Successful Subrogation I: A Correspondence Course for Restoration Contractors is a prerequisite to this course.  All course participants must first complete Successful Subrogation prior to taking this course. 

Each course contains a course text, workbook and Property Subrogation Checklist.  Participants complete the workbook, return it to CTS and then CTS mails a final exam to the exam proctor designated by the participant.  The course text consists of two modules entitled:

  • Module One: Technical Aspects of Subrogation
  • Module Two: Documenting the Scene and Perfecting the Recovery

The goal of this course is to is take make restoration contractors more successful in identifying and taking steps to perfect the subrogation recovery.  All taking this course will learn how to properly document a loss scene (diagram and photograph) and to identify and preserve information that is critical to the insurer's subrogation effort.

Price and Ordering Information:

The first set of training materials costs$ 95, the second set costs $65 and every other set on an initial order costs $60. Please provide credit card information with your order or enclose a check with your completed order, payable to William Stewart Associates, Inc., and mail to Claims Training Services, 42 Victoria Circle, Jackson, NJ  08527. If you are interested in making Successful Subrogation part of your company's direct repair program, please call us.